Debit/ATM Card

Use your FREE InvesTex VISA® Debit Card* for dining, shopping and travel, wherever you see the VISA® logo displayed.

Since it’s a debit card, it doesn’t replace your existing credit card and the funds are withdrawn from your checking account. The InvesTex VISA® Debit Card* also acts as an ATM card by accessing cash from your account anywhere an ATM displays the VISA® logo.

Use your VISA® Debit Card* at any FREE InvesTex owned ATM.  ATMs are located at all InvesTex branches.

If you are planning international travel, please contact the credit union to set-up travel alerts on your VISA® Debit Card*.

To activate or change the PIN for your InvesTex VISA® Debit Card call (800)757-9848.
Cardholders can set up alerts through Online Banking or Mobile App, under “Cards, Add Alert”.  The alerts will aide in our continued efforts to prevent fraud and identity theft.

*Requires Checking Account. Subject to approval.

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