Direct Deposit & Payroll Deduction

Our convenient services give you easy ways to deposit your money quickly and safely into the exact accounts you have at InvesTex.

Direct Deposit

With Direct Deposit, your paycheck or other recurring checks are automatically deposited into the account you designate.  Even if you are away on vacation! No more lines and no more worries that your check may be lost in the mail.  Better yet, your money is available to you on the morning of payday!  Prepare a direct deposit form to provide to your employer.

Payroll Deduction

Make saving painless and easy. With payroll deduction, you can have a portion of your payroll check deposited into your account or be applied towards a loan payment.

ACH Origination

Transfer funds from your accounts at other financial institutions to your accounts here at InvesTex. ACH Origination allows your credit union to provide you with another FREE electronic service that automates payments and deposits. With your authorization, InvesTex can set up an electronic transaction so you can: schedule recurring payments, automate your loan payments at InvesTex, stop writing checks and paying for stamps, and more. Simply visit one of our convenient locations to sign up for ACH Origination TODAY!