Need Some Extra Cash In Your Pockets? Get Cash Back!

New and Used Vehicle Loans:
Finance $10,000-$19,999: Receive $1004
Finance $20,000-$29,999: Receive $2004
Finance $30,000+: Receive $3004

Put Money Back In Your Pockets!

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Move Your Loans to InvesTex and Save!

Reduce monthly loan payments. Pay down high credit card balances. Free up cash and save with these great offers at InvesTex:

Cut Your Vehicle Loan Rate by as Much as Half¹

When you refinance a vehicle loan to InvesTex Credit Union from another financial institution you can cut your loan rates by as much as half with a minimum rate reduction of 5%, unless our calculated rate is lower.

The interest rate cannot go below the “as low as” rate per term.

 Vehicle Loan Rates as low as:

  • 3.09% APR² (36 mo.)

  • 3.29% APR² (48 mo.)

  • 3.89% APR² (60 mo.)

Signature Loan Rates as low as:

  • 7.79% APR² (6 mo.)

  • 7.99% APR² (12 mo.)

  • 8.19% APR² (24 mo.)

  • 8.29% APR² (36 mo.)

  • 8.39% APR² (48 mo.)

  • 8.49% APR² (60 mo.)

  • 8.79% APR² (72 mo.)

Special Signature Loan Rates:

  • 5.29% APR3 (36 mo.)

  • 5.79% APR3 (48 mo.)

7.9% APR² InvesTex MasterCard Platinum Credit Card mastercard-1

Transfer your current credit card balances into our low rate Platinum MasterCard to pay off your balances faster.  Apply Today!

¹Rate cannot go below our “as low as” rate per term.
²APR means Annual Percentage Rate.  Rates and terms are subject to change without notices.  Lone Star Rewards Discounts included.  Risk Based Pricing Notice:  The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is quoted “low as” depending upon the applicant’s individual credit history.  Rates quoted are based on approved credit.  Your APR may be higher based on your credit information obtained from consumer credit reporting agencies InvesTex Credit Union uses.  No Payments Up to 90 Days. ³5.29% APR for 36 months or 5.79% APR for up to 48 months when you purchase or refinance a vehicle loan from another institution to InvesTex Credit Union. 4Internal Refinances are not eligible. RVs and Motorcycles are eligible. The cash will be deposited into your savings account within 48 hours of closing on the loan. Cash back offer expires 05-31-19.