Overdraft Protection

Overdraft protection is offered on all InvesTex checking accounts.  InvesTex offers three (3) programs.

Account Transfer

With the Account Transfer Program, transfers of available funds are made to your checking account from the account you have designated to pay an item presented on insufficient funds.  Transfers are made to cover item and a small service fee per occurrence applies.

Ready Credit (Line of Credit)

For qualified members, you may opt to have your Overdraft Protection withdrawn from your approved Ready Credit (Line of Credit).  Apply for Ready Credit online.

Courtesy Pay

Courtesy Pay is an Overdraft Protection program that gives you the privilege to overdraw your checking account and InvesTex may pay the debiting item up to a predetermined limit for a per item fee.  Courtesy Pay is provided only when you choose to opt-in.  Courtesy Pay is a “Privilege” and not a “Right” and can be removed at the discretion of the credit union.  Appropriate opt-in forms are available in our lobbies.